Thanks for this. I'm sorry to say, with counted exceptions, the journalists as we knew them are mostly on dial-tone. Fortunately, it seems many of us who have other professions have been stepping up to the plate-- such as yourself.

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Agreed. It is a bit annoying of course to have to do other people's job for them, for free, but what can you do?

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Tell me about it. I've been transcribing part-time since summer 2021 and full-time since fall 2022.

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PS Thank you, Thorsteinn, for standing up for free speech.

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Interestingly, while I have come across a very large number of women's personal testimonies of heart and of neurological damage after the jab, I have come across very few testimonies of bleeding. I suspect this is because it's an embarrassing subject for many. Here's one from the realnotrare site: https://www.realnotrare.com/post/michelle-marcoccia-nanny

UPDATE: Clearly I was wrong about this. See my transcript of an excerpt of Teryn Gregson's interview with Tiffany Parotto above in this comments thread in which Parotto mentions collecting many thousands of testimonies on Instagram and FaceBook-- all removed. The censorship has been so heavy that even someone such as myself, every day looking for censored and shadow-banned video, and already with a large archive of transcripts of testimonies of vaccine injuries, missed this.

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Thorsteinn, your post prompted me to go looking and I found Teryn Gregson's interview of Tiffany Parotto, as mentioned lower down in this comments section. I felt it really needed a transcript, so I did a brief excerpt. I would warmly suggest that anyone interested in this subject listen to the entire interview.

We The Patriots USA

Menstrual Irregularities, Studies, Testimonies & Solutions with MyCycleStory | Ep 56


Feb 8, 2023



TIFFANY PAROTTO: [referring to Project Veritas report*] Yeah, I mean this is everything I've been trying to do for the past two years which is give women their voice back, all of these things we know have been happening since the launch of the covid vaccine and their voices have been taken from them through censorship and through the silencing of their stories, from their doctors, everyone, and so to have this information finally come out that they've known all along is just as sad as it is satisfying. Now, hopefully we can draw the attention that we need on this issue so that we can fix it and stop it.

TERYN GREGSON: Absolutely. I was connected with you through Dr. Thorp, OB GYN** who's also been trying to sound the alarm bells on what's been happening to women through this shot. And so, tell us your background, on how you got involved in this cause.

TIFFANY PAROTTO: Sure. So I'm a professional communications and marketing strategist and

I've worked in corporate America for about 15 years now, working in all types of industries. But I started my journey in digging into health freedom and these types of issues about 10 years ago, before I got pregnant with my daughter. I had a very close friend whose daughter was severely vaccine-injured from the DTaP*** vaccine which is on the childhood schedule. And when I got pregnant, she basically told me, Tiffany, not everything is what it seems, just do your research, feel confident in your decisions in the way you would a baby carrier.

And so I did exactly that and I found out pretty quickly that, although the issue is extremely complex, it comes down to some very basic risk versus benefit scenarios, and at the end of the day it was very simple, simple and obvious for me to discover that the vaccines on the childhood vaccine schedule are not only unnecessary but actually dangerous.

And so that got me into the world of kind of exploring and getting to know the people in the vaccine risk awareness and health freedom movement. And basically I've been working to protect the lives of my children, my two young girls, so that they can continue to live with the regular population and have the same civil rights as everybody else regardless of their health vaccine status.

And so when covid hit, of course, being in the world that I was in, I was blessed to be working with a group called Millions Against Medical Mandates at the time, and that is where this conversation started about what the heck is going on with women's cycles.

TERYN GREGSON: I love that you tell that story because mine is very similar in that you know I arrived at this knowledge and this informed consent, you know, as I was also having my children and, you know, I feel very fortunate that God put that in front of me in the same that He did you and protected your family from that. And so I love that that's your story, and then you're taking it a step further now and helping these women because you know, Tiffany, I felt like, I don't know about you, but you know so many women were telling, my friends you know were telling me, like, you know, either I haven't had my period since I got it, or I had a, you know, very very heavy period for a long long chunk of time and then now I haven't had it anymore, or, or it just, you know, all the board on how extreme of side effects regarding their menstrual cycle that that they've had.

TIFFANY PAROTTO: Yeah, and that's exactly how this started. So obviously because of being involved in the health freedom movement I have access and am friends with a lot of really brilliant doctors. People like Dr. Christiane Northrup**** and Dr. Jim Thorp, a world-renowned OB GYN. And I actually had just a friend of mine come to me with issues. And she's like, I'm spotting, it's really weird, I don't know what is going on. And we didn't think anything of it. And then on social media we actually heard more people with similar issues.

And then another friend of mine posted and said, Man! Most of my friends are having menstrual issues, could there be something going on here?

And so I said, wow, maybe there is, and I went to a couple of doctors, and Dr. Chris Northrup, Dr [inaudible] who is pediatrician, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Carrie Madej* and basically, we had this discussion of, yeah, there absolutely is something going on. There is a very good likelihood that this shot could be affecting women's menstrual cycles. And there is even a potential possibility that women who haven't been vaccinated are having repercussions just having been recently around somebody who is vaccinated.

And so we started this conversation on Instagram and overnight it went completely viral. There over 200,000 new subscribers, massive, thousands and thousands of comments and engagements. And then over the course of two weeks we were reporting on conversations around this. What could this be? What could be causing it? What do we need to investigate more?

And more and more, thousands and thousands of women were coming forward with horrific, horrific stories of their experiences. And I'm talking everything, I mean we're talking blood clots the size of your fist, we're talking no bleeding, we're talking excessive bleeding, miscarriage, bruising, the strangest symptoms, and, were happening to women.

And then after probably two weeks of this lighting fire on social media the censorship gods came in. And I, I firmly believe to this day that the conversation around what's going on with women's cycles is part of the, is part of the the switch that flipped, that led the censorship gods to decide that they're not even going to try to hide anymore, they're shutting it down.

And so we had a FaceBook group with over 21,000 testimonies completely erased. Every account that was connected to My Cycle Story, our group, was shut down. My name can't be used on anything anymore without getting completely shut down. All of the people, all the conversations, all of the testimonies completely evaporated overnight.



# # # # 


Teryn Gregson is a professional broadcaster based in Florida who previously covered golf and is now advocating for health freedom and her Christian faith. For her podcast "We the Patriots" Gregson has interviewed a number of leading figures in the health freedom movement including Dr. Peter McCullough and Naomi Wolf.

Tiffany Parotto is the founder of My Cycle Story https://mycyclestory.com/

* See "NEW: Pfizer Director Jordon Trishton Walker Shares Concern for COVID Vaccine Effect on Women’s Reproductive Health … ‘There is Something Irregular About the Menstrual Cycles’ … ‘Affecting Something Hormonal’"

February 2, 2023


**Dr. James Thorp https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_James_Thorp.html
His social media account is https://gettr.com/user/Jamesathorpmd

***DTaP vaccine is to prevent diphteria, tetanus, and pertussis.

****Prior to covid, as the author of several best-selling books on women's health, Dr. Christiane Northrup was an international celebrity, frequently featured in mainstream television, newspapers and magazines. She is a cofounder of Maine Stands Up https://www.mainestandsup.org/ and organization of citizens of the state of Maine dedicated to protecting and restoring civil liberties.

Her website is https://www.drnorthrup.com/

and Substack is https://truenorthdr.substack.com/

* Dr. Sherri Tennpenny's website is https://drtenpenny.com/

Dr. Lee Merritt's website is https://drleemerritt.com/

Dr. Carrie Madej's website is https://www.carriemadej.com/

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Thank you, Thorsteinn, for this important evaluation. I see only three possible reasons for downplaying and misrepresenting the results of their own study 1) Big Pharma conflicts of interest, as you have pointed out, 2) Fear of professional and/or occupational reprisal 3) They know the article won't get published if they make a truthful conclusion, so they lie in the conclusion, and hope the right information will get to the right people (other medical professionals) anyway.

Because they try to downplay results within the study (and not just in the conclusion) "weak association," "not significant," "the risk weakly increased" (by 28%!!!), I think we can eliminate #3 and focus on #s 1 and 2 as their motivation. As in, "Hey, the people who pay us money and give us grants aren't going to like the results of this study, but they know we're doing the study so we can't just bury it, so how do we minimize the damage and still publish?"

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Thanks Lori. In other words, they aren't honest people. Chimes in with what we heard the other day about young students' respect for truth.

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They went for the Faustian deal. Rather short-sighted of them.

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Hopefully someone will submit a rapid response to this bmj paper. The bmj is disgraceful for publishing it without comment and it’s top of their front page. I’m a lay person and I even knew it was dodgy!

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The authors do not want to get in trouble and have their careers harmed or destroyed for undermining cartel profits, which is why they need to do the Texas two-step in twisting their own findings.

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I'm actually surprised they left the tables in the publication instead of altering them. It's simply too easy to cheat and rig the stats in this area of 'science.' Even if you get raw data and their code to perform analysis (R, Matlab, Python, Julia, etc), you can't be sure the raw data hasn't been fudged.

At this point a lot of this 'research' seems on par with phrenology or voodoo.

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Here's an important report on this subject by Teryn Gregson:


Teryn Gregson used to report on golf for mainstream media. She's been doing some very important reporting on covid but of course she's no longer in mainstream media.

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See also https://mycyclestory.com/

They are collecting testimonies. The website points to this article on decidual cast shedding (DCS) also known as membranous dysmenorrhea:

"Unprecedented Number of Women Experience Rare Gynaecological Event"

by Rhoda Wilson, May 13, 2022


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Here's one testimony from an RN about bleeding in general:

Filmed Nov 8, 2021 Louisiana House of Representatives,

Health and Welfare Committee Hearing

Clip posted on YT channel "Louisiana Freedom" Nov 12, 2021



[MALE VOICE OFF-CAMERA, I would assume that this is Representative Larry Bagley, Chair, Health and Welfare Committee]: Please have a seat, introduce yourself, and tell us what you're here for.

MELISSA MCKINNEY: I am Melissa McKinney. I am an RN, been an RN for 10 years. In my facility I work kind of everywhere. There [inaudible] I do ER, cath lab, ICU. So I'm here to talk about the reporting system.


[FEMALE VOICE]: Go ahead.

MELISSA MCKINNEY: OK, so what I have seen. I noticed this after my husband came to the ER after the first shot, that he was actually, we thought he was having a stroke. He was discharged with an adverse reaction to the covid vaccine. Those are my fellow co-workers, so I asked them, if you have reported anything, are you planning to report? And they said no. So I went further on, and said, should I be reporting this? And they said, you can do what you want, but we're not trying to tell you what to do. We don't think you should be reporting.

So that goes on. He gets better. I start having problems as well.

I start noticing in the cath labs there is multiple blood clots. I'm not talking about someone having an [inaudible], I'm talking about you can't even reach their vessel because they're so clotted off. This is anywhere from 3 days to 3 or 4 weeks after the vaccine. This could be the first shot, this could be the second shot. I'm having multiple people from the booster shots come in 3 days later, massive heart attacks, V-tach [ventricular tachycardia] stroke, [?] he is not right anymore, he is going to go into a nursing home. And when I ask my physicians in the unit, is this related to the vaccine? Three days post-vaccination! They say, no, it's no related.

I have another girl, she is my age, she is bruising all over her, multiple problems, low electrolytes, low, bleeding out now. They send her home, won't even consider that it's the vaccination.

So what I'm trying to tell you is that not only is there not, there's not VAERS reality in my hospital, no one knows what that is. My managers, my head of the hospital, all three, and I'm telling you, ER, cath lab, and ICU managers, do not know any vaccine reactions. What we're supposed to be looking for.

They told me that within 15 minutes, that is when you'll have a reaction.

Can you all take that in?

Within 15 minutes!

These are the people of the head of the hospital, these are people taking care of critical patients in the cath lab, in the ER, in the ICU, and they think once you go home after 15 minutes, you are good as gold. You're good! It's not from the vaccine.

That's a problem. That's a problem because your children, your grandchildren are going to come into these hospitals. If they don't know that it is from the vaccine, how are we going to treat them properly?

I also wanted to say that the V-safe app

[https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/safety/vsafe.html ], I tried to report my actual adverse reactions on there, but it doesn't give you a comments section. So it asks you how you're feeling, it gives you some smiley faces, I don't know if you all have had to use it. But within 2 months, my 2 month check-in, when I started to seriously have some problems, it would not give me any option to put my reactions.

REP. BAGLEY [Larry Bagley, Republican, District 7]: We do appreciate, and please, if you, again, like I told [inaudible], if you know people who've had adverse reaction, that number should be called. And even if it's post, and certainly these are, it's never too late. Except to not call would be criminal, but to call [..discussion about order of speakers and questions..]

REP. ECHOLS [Michael Charles Echols, Republican District 14]: Thank you. So I am your rep and the reason why I asked for this hearing and I asked for this information is because nobody knows this 800 number. And it's crazy that medical professionals across this state do not have this phone number. It's an embarrassment for patient safety, for nursing protocol. Any other protocol you have in the hospital, you have protocols for everything, and to not have this is just wrong. And so I'm hoping— now I know LDH has hot-tailed it out of the room. But they need to be talking to their hospitals and their medical providers about this. This is not fair to patient care. So thank you for bringing it to my attention. Again, another brave face showing up down here and doing the right thing for patient safety. It's high time we start trying to protect our patients for every reason, not just specific reasons. Thank you.

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In medical personnel generally, the "hesitancy" of reporting of toxic side effects seems significantly linked the perceived threat of losing one's licence/paycheck...

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"The highest risks for bleeding in women who were postmenopausal were observed after the third dose..."

These findings don't seem surprising considering once the "victim" is injected the experimental gene therapy toxin travels beyond the deltoid muscle throughout the bloodstream and settles in major organs such as the: heart, lung, brain, and yes the ovaries. So if microscopic blood clotting is occurring throughout the body, the organ most disturbed would manifest abnormalities. Another reason we might be seeing so many excess deaths in young populations who were previously healthy prior to being vaxxed.

Of course, don't expect health organizations or the pharmaceutical industry to admit culpability for a mandated "safe and effective" concoction that Trudeau now is saying he never forced on his citizenry. 😵‍💫 And he won't be the only political weasel to gaslight the public and rewrite history. That's another reason why the COVID criminals must be held accountable before they fool the public who they mockingly believe have the retention of a flea.

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